Who Is Elevating The Youth?

Drug abuse in this country has gotten worse. In South B, everything under the sun can be found. From cocaine and crack to heroin, codeine and MDMA... name it. I don’t know how bad other parts of Nairobi are but from what I hear, it’s bad

And then I moved to the Coast. Here, drug abuse is sad. The streets are full of ‘zombies’. And It’s a lot worse when you go to the interior

The drugs people are on here, are on drugs

On top of the drug abuse is the sexual exploitation, which is simply disgusting. Tourists taking advantage of desolate youth

In Diani, if you see a young African man with an aged white woman, you’d be more right to assume that they’re in a relationship than that she’s his mother in law or anything else. That’s the norm here. And 70 year old white men with 19 year old girls. Disgusting old people stealing youth from children. And it’s not a white thing. Locals with money are notorious sex tourists

Young people are being exploited because they’re desperate to make a living. They’re abusing drugs because they’ve got nothing better to do. The people who are supposed to create employment and opportunities for them have completely abandoned and forgotten about them

That’s why we started InuaEntertainment. To do exactly what the name suggests. To elevate and uplift the youth, and give them the opportunity to achieve their dreams

Since I moved to the Coast, I’ve seen world class painters selling their art on the streets of Diani. The big galleries here feature ZERO Diani artists on their hallowed walls. So we started the #DianiArtFair which is a monthly event (thank you for your support). We’ve managed to bring a number of street artists together and we’ve created a gallery and even an online store for them on inuaentertainment.com so that their art is visible to a global audience. Some have already secured commissioned work

InuaEntertainment is organising more uplifting activities for musicians, poets, spoken word performers, acrobats, dancers and all other creative young people who want a chance to make a living from their talent. We’re doing this by offering them studio services they can afford and putting together events as well as providing them with a platform to share their talent with the world

By doing this, we hope to inspire the youth to depend on their abilities instead of sex tourists to achieve their dreams. We hope to give them positive things to do so that they don’t turn to drugs in frustration. And we hope to grow the economies of these small towns by creating jobs for the youth

So, all of you who are showing support to InuaEntertainment, we see you! Every time you support us with a like, a share or a kind word, it goes a long way towards helping us grow InuaEntertainment and our projects for the youth. It means you’re taking a stand against sexual exploitation and drug abuse. And we sincerely thank and appreciate you for it

Remember to subscribe to inuaentertainment.com for content from the artists we’re supporting as well as other creatives we’re partnering with. We promise not to spam you with newsletters and unnecessary emails

And don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like to get more involved

Asante sana 🙏

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