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Uncle Austin (real name Austin Luwano) is a musician from Kigali, Rwanda. He is also a songwriter and radio presenter at Kiss FM. He joined the music industry in 2005, but due to other responsibilities, he was forced to pullout, until 2014 when he switched back to music. He began liking music at a tender age. This saw him becoming a member of a school choir. He has worked with some of the country’s biggest artists. He became famous in 2014 prior to working with Kiss FM. In April 2015, he formed an all-female musical group called ‘Real Four Female’. It is the first music group in the country that was founded with the thrust of boosting the country’s budding music industry. He has worked with several local famous artists, including Meddy and The Ben.

Popular Videos

Uncle Austin - Ku Mutima

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Uncle Austin ft.  Meddy & Yvan Buravan - Closer