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There can be no peace without understanding


Gold Rush


A quiet scratch, a scroll adapts.

Another thought is snatched.

Another gape, another gap,

Another page is stacked.


A story perhaps a journey unfolds,

A deed so bold, exposed it then...


The earth revolves, money controls,

Victory is a pen, defeat is told.

Religion is sold, receipt your soul,

History friend, is having a goal.

Inconvenient whims of a convenient sin.

Simmer down children, someone's trying to win.

What's in a skin? if it's stretched too thin?

The beat sounds hollow, the pain too dim.

Walk this way, but don't talk this way.

Bend a little more, don't get up too straight.

Change is never early, delay is never late.

Shame is never honest, just ask anyone GREAT.



Those who are absent are always wrong


Excellence, is not a singular act, Its a HABIT. We are what we repeatedly do
Will Durant
Art is man's constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.