Supporting Local Artists

Using Art to fight COVID-19

Diani’s artists work from roadside sheds and depend on residents and tourists to sell their art. But COVID-19 and everything in its wake means hardly anybody is coming to buy art. Our monthly event, the #DianiArtFair has been postponed indefinitely. Our artists are finding it harder to make ends meet. They need your support. 

Every week, we shall exhibit ten pieces by Diani’s artists, selling for Ksh. 10,000 or less. We are appealing to you to #SupportDianiArtists by buying a piece of art. Simply click on items for more details, add them to your shopping bag and proceed to checkout to pay. 

Feel free to share a link to the art with other art lovers. If you prefer to, you may also view the pieces physically at INUAENTERTAINMENT Creative Hub, Diani Bazaar. We are observing all COVID-19 safety measures, therefore book an appointment before hand by calling 0724994254 or 0709511644. This will enable us to manage safety measures as stipulated by the Kwale County Government. We are open Monday’s to Friday’s between 10 am to 5 pm.


Earings by JOY

Joy is a Diani artist who moved here a few years ago. A loving mother, Joy uses her art to feed her family and is glad that she can do what she loves to make a living. The COVID-19 virus has made it difficult for Joy to sell art because of limited movement. Help us support Diani ART and Diani Artists by taking some time to consider a purchase from JOY. Prices have been drastically reduced in recognition of the financial pinch we must all be feeling. #DianiArt #DianiArtists #ElevateTheYouth

ARTist spotlight

Paintings by SHIKUKU

Nairobi artist, Shikuku is a frequent visitor to Diani. He likes to use unconventional mediums to produce artworks that are beautifully unique. This week, we feature three magnificent pieces he painted in Diani. Alone at Sea, Lady in Blue and The Green Fountain, each measuring 20 cm by 65 cm. 


Shikuku understands the challenges of COVID-19 first hand and has graciously slashed his prices to allow you to own his art.

#NothingOver10K #SupportDianiArtists #ElevatingArtistsElevatingKenya

Lady In Blue


Painting by SHIKUKU

Buy any featured painting by SHIKUKU at Ksh. 6,000 each. You may collect your new art piece by SHIKUKU at INUAENTERTAINMENT Creative Hub, located at Diani Bazaar, Diani Beach Road. 





20cm x 65cm

Alone At Sea

Painting by SHIKUKU.

Green Fountain

Painting by SHIKUKU

kshs 6,000

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