• Diani Art Fair is and event organized and hosted by INUAENTERTAINMENT CREATIVE HUB that occurs on the last saturday of every month. It is a chance for local artists to submit their works of Art, and connect with their public. It is also an opportunity to consolidate local talent, increase networks, and shed additional light onto Diani's colourful, and lively Art scene.

INUAENTERTAINMENT is proud to say that it is entirely run by Kenyan creatives coming together to elevate art in its many forms.

• From our very first Diani Art Fair we were able to secure commissioned projects for some of our artists. We thank you for continuing to help us make this event a success!

Did You Know

INUA means 'to elevate', and one of the ways we seek to do this, is to empower artists to have autonomy over their art whilst supporting them to share their passion with as many people as possible. It is for this reason that each artist sets their own price.

Meet The Artists


Riziki is soft spoken but highly skilled at capturing audiences with her words as well as with her paintbrush

“Anybody can do art”, she says. “But not everybody is an artist”. This becomes evident when she talks about her paintings in person

Poem is an artist with the remarkable gift of being able to distill the most complex ideas in the simplest and most relatable manner. If art comes from the soul, Poem is the true embodiment of an artist.

EricoGG loves being an artist. His face lights up every time he talks about art. A keen listener will walk away with passionate insights into his magnificent work.