Aim Younger, Go Further?

Business is good. INUAENTERTAINMENT is making a little money

We haven’t broken even and we have not made a profit since we started. We may not break even for a while yet

However, contrary to popularly held beliefs, we think business is about more than profit. At inception, business should be less about personal gain and more about solving challenges for people and communities. Microsoft started in someone’s parent’s garage to solve the personal computing question. They ended up putting a personal computer in every home in America before going worldwide. M-Pesa’s creator saw business potential in the unbanked. He has revolutionised banking globally

All groundbreaking business ideas improve the quality of people’s lives. To their founders, profit is a plus

INUAENTERTAINMENT provides solutions to marginalised creative youth in Kwale. We work with artistes, musicians and other young people who want to show the world what they can contribute to it. They lack marketing skills, equipment and many other facilities they need, in order to earn a living from their talent. This is what we do our best to offer them

Youth in the creative industry from the counties are habitually ignored. Not only by their local and national leaders but also by their urban counterparts. For lots of reasons, many are unaware of their abilities. But the potential of collaborating with them on national and global solutions could be infinite

This is the niche INUAENTERTAINMENT has carved out as a social enterprise. We believe in Kenyan youth and we believe in Kenyan artistes

We believe that all the answers Kenya needs are within our neighborhoods, our towns and our counties

INUAENTERTAINMENT wants to show our belief in the power of collaboration and the potential we possess to achieve what we want when we truly unite

Unity lies in coming together as a whole to elevate each other. Freedom lies in recognising each other’s strengths and rooting for each other’s honest attempts at making a living

Success lies in identifying our challenges and dealing with them together, using the collective strengths we’ve identified. It might take a long time. But it’s uncomplicated to achieve

Buy a dress from your Kenyan friend’s boutique. Pay for your Day One’s event and stop asking for free tickets. Order food from your pal, post it on Instagram and tag their restaurant or food truck. Stop ‘blue ticking’ them in WhatsApp groups when they ask for your support. Support each other’s causes

Connect and collaborate with youth from the counties. Create more chances to visit them before the politicians make it illegal - they always find ways to keep the youth down

What will politicians tell the youth when we don’t need their handouts any more? What will they offer us when we don’t need them to create opportunities for us or give us tenders? What will they use to oppress us when we’re no longer funding them, by supporting our own businesses instead of theirs?

People who want to hold public office will need proven experience in order to get elected or appointed. And their re-election or re-appointment will be based on how well they perform

Even those who steal from public coffers - because they still will - must show a track record of actual service in order to continue stealing

As long as we keep putting our hard earned money in the pockets of a few individuals, our situation will remain the same. We must start by improving ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbours and our children by elevating each other

If you have read this far, you have the ability to support the youth of Kwale & INUAENTERTAINMENT. We need to reach more young people in the county in order to elevate them

Which brings us back to breaking even

Since you’re already on our website, hit the menu, go to the online store and buy a piece of art from Diani. There’s something for everybody

We are currently in studio producing uplifting music which will be a breath of fresh air for audiences who enjoy positive social messaging and demand creativity in music

For released music, scroll down from the Home Page, hit the SOUND tab and buy Downtown by Ommyde Chris or his spoken word piece, Ganzi la Mapenzi. Each track is $1

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INUAENTERTAINMENT and the youth of Kwale appreciate your continued support

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