Kenya’s Age of Empire?

Many people who oppose corruption only do so because they have not been given a chance to 'eat'. The proof lies in what happens every time we break the law and get caught. Nobody with a few shillings even gets close to a police station. In business, we overcharge customers for terrible services and con everybody at every turn

Yet more proof is in how disgracefully we treat our elders. We talk back at them. We brush off their advice because we think our tech savviness trumps their experience  

Even more evidence of our corruption is in the things we let young people get away with. We dismiss bad behaviour with defeatist phrases like, “they’re growing up in a more liberal society”

We absolutely must nip bad behaviour in the bud. What do we expect will change when badly behaved children grow up?  

Kenyan leaders are simply corrupt people who have grown up in a corrupt country, and have been chosen to lead by corrupt people 

Still, Kenya is 60 years old. We are infants in history

We have a comparably brighter future than the most advanced countries in the world when they were 60. Europeans still hadn’t figured out how to live normally in the harsh conditions of their environment. Americans we’re still being killed by wild animals in theirs. Today, Kenya has the tools, the knowledge and the advantage of a more connected world to utilise 

In what America calls its commercial beginnings, the Carnegies, Rockefellers and Vanderbilts charted the course for where America would go economically. Centuries earlier, in what Europe considers its formative years, the Luthers, Calvins and Knoxes were setting a moral path for her people to follow 

These were by no means ordinary men. But they had something in common: they each understood their place in history. They saw how significant that place was and, with the little they had, applied themselves to what needed to be done. They did not wait for laws, elections, politicians or leaders. They led. Today, their ideas and innovations are the fabric with which systems are woven

Each of us has a place and a purpose in the Kenyan scheme of things

I have been alive for a third of Kenya’s life as a country. In my opinion the generations, including ours, which live in our first 100 years will play a significant role in Kenya’s establishment. We are still building our foundations. Whether we survive and grow, and whether we have a future at all, depends on us

We are Kenya’s pioneers and frontiersmen. We are the ones clearing shrubs and bushes to build the homestead. We’re the ones lighting the bonfire to keep our families warm and warding off wild animals

We will either make or break Kenya

So, who are we? Are we inherently corrupt? If we are then we’re fine and we don’t need to change a thing. But if we’re not intrinsically corrupt, then let’s stop being corrupt. The leadership question will only take care of itself if we all start following our higher Selves 

And good leadership will ensure the nurturing and execution of ideas powerful enough to sustain every Kenyan’s future for centuries to come

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